Recent pickups


We’ll it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I lost my job which put a massive hole in my retro games wallet. So instead of my usual hunting for games I spent most of my time searching for work. Not all bad however in the odd couple of times I’ve been out retro hunting I have found some pretty awesome stuff.

Right I’ll start with the carboot sales which is easy as I found absolutely fuck all lol. Silver lining and all that however on the way home from a Bootsale full of old ashtrays and even older clothes I stumbled across a local church fair with this little lot


20140418-015626.jpg not a bad little sega and nintendo lot for a grand old total of less than £25 I’m sure most will agree.

A couple of days later I was at a local charity shop when the a woman waks in with a box of comics. I automatically got a little excited …… Beanie and dandy every one of them not really my thing. Luckily one of the volunteers noticed my disappointment and brought me this little lot from the store room







Pretty good couple of weeks all in all